Develop your child’s love for dance in one of our dance classes. From the discipline and structure of our ballet and tap classes to the non-stop fun of hip hop, our dance program offers a style of dance for everyone. With a long history of strong ballet technique, our instructors also enjoy sharing their passion for dance by staying up to date with the latest dance styles.                                                                                                                                

  • Ballet     Pointe       Tap         Hip Hop
  • Programs designed for children 3 – 18 yrs
  • 1 hour classes  
  • All missed classes may be made up!                                                                                                                                                                                             

Parent Toddler ( 15 months-2 years and 2 years-3 years )

We offer two groups for toddlers based on the child’s age.  Our forty-five minute Parent assisted  (grandparents love to play too!) program is a physically stimulating, musically accented class for you and your toddler. Toddlers will roll, jump, and swing their way towards improved gross and fine motor skills. The mix of new and familiar activities offers your child an excellent opportunity to develop social skills and meet their peers.


  • Designed for toddlers 15 months and up
  • Caregiver Participation
  • 45 minute Class
  • Missed classes may be made up!

PreSchool Gymnastics ( Ages 3 -5 )

The PreSchool Program is based on familiar activities such as jumping, rolling, and swinging. This program offers your child an excellent “first class” experience – without mom or dad. Group size is limited to seven children per instructor, so each child can get the attention they deserve. Activities on the rings, bars, balance beams, and trampoline will help your child become more physically confident.
Listening to the teachers directions and functioning within the group setting will help your child develop social skills and become more independent and selfconfident.

This fun-filled program offers your child new friends, exciting physical activities, and growth throughout the year!


  • Designed for children 3 – 5 yrs.
  • One Hour Class
  • Missed classes may be made up!

Recreational  ( 5 – 15yrs )

The Recreational Program, presented according to age and ability level, offers your school-aged child a comprehensive, noncompetitive gymnastics experience. We follow a nationally endorsed instructional method that stresses proper technique and basic gymnastics progressions that will safely lead to more advanced skills. Each child, at their own pace, will learn skills on each of the Olympic events. Other activities such as the ropes, cargo net, and climbing wall will broaden their experience. Our goal is to present an exciting, fun -filled program that will help develop strength, flexibility, and confidence in your child’s physical abilities. Group size is limited to eight students, allowing for plenty of personal attention.


  • Designed for children 5 – 15 yrs.
  • One hour class 
  • Missed classes may be made up!

Cheer/Tumbling  ( 8 – 16 yrs )

Designed for students who wish to continue developing their tumbling skills, or to complement their cheerleading or dance programs. Classes are designed for Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced students above the age of seven. Popular skills covered are student skill dependent, but include round-off and walkovers to back handsprings, tucks, and twists.

  • One hour classes
  • Missed classes may be made up! 


Developmental Gymnastics 

Students showing the skills, strength, flexibility and commitment to gymnastics may be invited to join one of our advanced programs. Our advanced classes move at a faster pace and focus on the development of proper form when performing skills. Students in our advanced programs acquire fundamental skills of Level 1 and Level 2 Women’s Developmental Gymnastics which may prepare them for a competitive program. Students in our advanced programs may begin to attend multiple classes a week for longer class sessions.

  • Purple Team / Ages 5-8
  • Red Team / Ages 6-9
  • Pink Team / Advanced Recreational Girls Ages 7-9
  • Turquoise Team / Developmental Girls 9+


Competitive Programs : USA Gymnastics Women’s and Men’s Development Programs. USA Gymnastics Women’s XCEL Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Teams