What is Kennett’s doing to keep your child safe?

We want to assure you that our gym is clean and as safe as we can make it.

Dear Parents,

We want our customers to know some of the things we are doing to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We are monitoring the NYS Department of Health website and the CDC to ensure that we are maintaining safe practices. We are educating our staff on the transmission of the disease and methods to prevent the spread.

  • Provide hand sanitizer dispensers Encourage everyone to use them frequently.
  • Provide sanitary wipes in the gym to wipe down mats and equipment whenever sweat, or any other body moisture makes contact.
  • Wipe down business phones and office equipment frequently.
  • Our entire gym is cleaned and sanitized daily by professionals including wiping down mats with a disinfectant. Extra cleaning is done by staff before our morning and afternoon classes.
  • We are reminding our students and staff to keep hands away from eyes, nose and mouth.
  • We encourage parents to KEEP SICK CHILDREN HOME. We have a liberal Make-Up Policy allowing parents to get what they pay for even if they miss classes.
  • We suggest our staff wash hands frequently. If they can’t, we recommend that they use a hand wipe or sanitizer.


Katherine Kennett RN, MSN